Axe the Tax

According to a high-ranking member of the Prime Minister’s inner-circle, if you want a break on their crippling carbon tax, you’re going to have to elect more liberal members of parliament.  

Well, we’ve had enough at Energy United, and we want to tell our Alberta Members of Parliament to do their job and axe the tax for Albertans!  

In Alberta, we have two Liberal MPs: George Chahal who represents Calgary Skyview and the Honourable Randy Boissonnault from Edmonton Centre - who is even a Minister in Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet! 

Both are failing in their jobs to stand up for Albertans.  

The Feds are adamant they will not give any relief to the millions of Canadians who are having trouble balancing their budgets and who use something other than heating oil to warm their homes.  

We want to make some noise and let George and Randy know to do their jobs and stand up for Albertans in Ottawa.  

But we need your help – let George and Randy know it’s time for them to stand up for Albertans by submitting the form!