Keep SK Affordable

The Federal Government’s mandate forcing electrical grids to be net-zero by 2035 is ‘impossible and unaffordable’ and its going to cost Saskatchewan residents’ big time.If implemented, the Federal Government’s plans would shutter all the province’s natural gas facilities and Boundary Dam – which is already equipped with world-leading Carbon Capture and Sequestration technology.Don’t get us wrong, we believe we need to do more to protect the environment – the Saskatchewan Government has a plan to get to net-zero by 2050.

But we cannot implement hurried policies that will turn the lights off for Canadians.

Natural gas is among the cleanest, most reliable, and affordable sources of baseload energy. If Saskatchewan is forced to implement these unrealistic targets, it could hike power bills over four times the current rates.

Can you and your family afford this?So, will you send an email to the Federal Minister of the Environment letting him know his government is going too far too fast?