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But we've got problems...

The World is desperate for energy

Energy demand is only growing, with oil and natural gas being essential for decades to come.

The world is addicted to dictator energy

Putin, The Chinese Government, The Saudi Royal Family - you name it.

Bad actors are gaining power and influence, holding the world hostage with their control of energy.

Canada’s energy is being blocked from the world.

Radical activists and governments are putting up barriers to producing Canadian energy, and making exporting our resources nearly impossible. They’re also pushing policies  that kill jobs and make your life more expensive.

The solutions are simple...

Choose Canada

Technology, Not Taxes

Incentivize technology to ensure Canada is among the most sustainable country in the world.

Fast track Natural Resource project approvals

Policies to protect the environment and get energy projects approved – fast.

Preventing plans designed to make life more expensive for Canadian families and businesses.

Grow Canadian energy & natural resource exports, don’t cap them

Canadians develop natural resources to the highest standards in the world. And it’s not just oil and natural gas. It’s crops, steel, aluminium, lumber, pork, beef, poultry, you name it, we make it, and we make it well.