Global Energy Security


There are some who want you to believe the world will rid itself of natural gas and oil in just a few short years. But the reality is the demand for energy has never been higher. According to the world’s leading authority on energy, world oil demand will climb by 2 million barrels per day in 2023 to reach a record 102 million barrels per day consumed.

Canada has the world’s 4th-biggest oil reserves and among the world’s largest natural gas deposits. Yet, for over a decade we’ve been stymied by activists, governments (sometimes, even activist governments), and the continuous moving of regulatory goalposts. 

If the world will still need natural gas and oil in 2050, why isn’t Canada positioned to be the world’s preferred supplier?


When Germany and Japan came to us looking to secure additional natural gas, Canada turned them away - missing an opportunity to help while also attracting massive investment to Canada’s economy.  

In response, European and Asian countries have been signing long-term agreements with Qatari and U.S. producers for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

This isn’t for lack of trying on the part of Canada’s industry.  Since 2010, 18 facilities have been proposed, yet only one has begun construction.


Canada is ranked as the world’s preferred supplier of oil and natural gas globally – coming in ahead of Norway and the United States in a recent study.

According to the same survey, oil producers in the Middle East suffer from a negative view of their environmental and human rights records.

The world wants to Choose Canada.

Unfortunately, Canada isn’t giving any country the ability to choose us.

Isn’t it our duty to develop and export our resource wealth to help our allies?

And given the resources we possess. One could even argue our inability to develop our resources is adding to the world’s global energy security challenges.

Developing our natural resources is a win for global energy security and a win for Canada’s economy.

It’s time for us to Choose Canada.

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