About Us

For over 150 years, Canada’s natural gas and oil industry has been a reliable and affordable supplier of energy for all Canadians. Now we have an opportunity to be a reliable and affordable supplier of energy to the world. But Canada needs a natural resource policy that looks to the future – and the future includes responsibly-produced natural gas and oil.  

Unfortunately, the conversation on natural resource development in Canada has been directed with a single goal: to keep our resources in the ground. So, we’re building a community of Canadians who care about Canada’s economic and environmental future.  

Energy United is a grassroots organization dedicated to telling Canada’s energy story. Because in Canada, the conversation has fallen off the rails. We’re blessed with the resources the world needs. But in this country, we’ve turned away from celebrating their potential toward demonizing their impacts.  

The world will need responsibly produced energy for decades. And they’ll need it from producers like Canada focused on improving global social and environmental outcomes. This is a challenge Canada’s industry has accepted head-on.  

In a world growing more dangerous and less secure, responsible supplies of natural gas and oil from reliable countries will be essential to global growth and prosperity. Developing and exporting these resources is essential to Canada’s economy. We believe with the right policies; we can rebalance the playing field and position Canada as global energy power.

We hope you join us

We’re a not-for-profit, with no affiliation to any political party. But that doesn’t mean we won’t stand up against politicians if they’re proposing policies that could hurt Canadian’s jobs.  

Campaigns will be our priority. Decision-makers and politicians care most about issues when they’re coming from their constituents. When they hear directly from you, the people who vote them into their jobs, they listen. We’ll make it easy for you to stay in touch with Canadian leaders who matter. 

We won’t engage in any partisan or personal attacks, but opponents to Canadian natural resource development will be held accountable for their actions and misinformation. 

Meet Jarret Coels

Jarret Coels is the Campaign Manager at Energy United. A grassroots advocacy group dedicating to promoting Canada’s responsibly produced natural gas and oil resources. Jarret grew up in Calgary and knows firsthand just how important a thriving natural resource sector is to not only Calgary, but the rest of Canada.

He moved to Saskatchewan to go to school and compete on the wrestling team where he obtained his degree in political science and economics from the University of Regina. Following university, he worked in politics in Saskatchewan before moving back home to Calgary with his growing family in 2019.

His time in politics reinforced his belief on the importance of strong Canadian natural resource sector. Tough decisions – that affected everyday families – had to be made when the sector wasn’t performing as well as it could.

Jarret and his family love spending time outdoors exploring all Canada has to offer so he understands the importance of developing our natural resources responsibly to protect our environment, as best we can, so they can continue to be appreciated for generations to come.

He also wants the services he grew up with in Canada to be there for his kids.

That’s why he believes Canada can produce more of our natural resources while also reducing our impact on our natural environment. Unfortunately, the conversation in Canada has become too focused on demonizing the industry without supplying real solutions. Jarret wants Energy United to change the conversation. He hopes you’ll join him.